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DevTrends #40

The State of JavaScript 2018

React 16 Roadmap

December 11, 2018



The State of JavaScript 2018

The State of Javascript is the most popular and comprehensive survey about JavaScript and web development. Initially started by Sacha Greif from Discover Meteor along with other prominent developers it quickly became a true measure of current state of modern web development. From year to year, thousands of developers take part in the survey, and from year to year State of JS team collects and analyzes enormous amount of data, wraps it in beautiful UI and presents to the community. And now results for this year are live, and let’s make a quick overview of the survey.

The first and most visible change is the website’s dark theme. It’s more pleasant for eyes, especially when working with a lot of data like statistics. UI is awesome as always and inspired by periodic table of elements. Also the layout is made with CSS grids and you can see all the benefits of it when scaling UI up and down.

As for State of JS results, we can see mostly continuation of last year trends. TypeScript and GraphQL are among the most trending tools, JavaScript is most popular language and its popularity keeps growing. And all the changes are rather positive, because complexity of learning and understanding the language is decreasing along with increasing joy of using JavaScript in building applications. As for survey itself, guys again did a great job and even improved the survey in comparison to the last year’s one, big kudos to them for it.

React 16 Roadmap

React.js is in its shiny days for sure. It’s the most popular library for building complex UIs in the world, and the team behind it is full of prominent names. And there are so many new features both released lately and planned for near future that it’s becoming rather hard to keep track of all the stuff. Luckily, there’s now React 16 Roadmap which points to new features of the library and when they arrive.

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