weekly insights into the trends in web development


Over the course of over five years Paralect Team stays on the edge of tomorrow by researching and adopting innovative technologies.

Every week, a leader of the research group, Aleksey Kislov shares latest industry trends within Paralect. He tries to keep on with latest development trends while still not being driven off by hype and fatigue.

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According to GitHub JavaScript is the most popular programming language and has largest community in the world. Web technologies are chaninging rapidly.

This is exciting and exhausting in the same time. How do I stay relevant as developer? Should I switch to a brand new JavaScript framework? We think it is important to keep watching, evaluating new things and building your opinion.


Things are always going to change and that is fantastic news for our industry.

Come back once a week and we will give you a high level overview of what is new.

weekly insights into the trends in web development

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